Bloc Offers 3 Simple Ways to Shop for Medical Marijuana

20 April, 2021
Bloc Offers 3 Simple Ways to Shop for Medical Marijuana

Bloc was founded on the principle of helping others stay in blazingly good spirits. This motto reminds us every day to be our best, and to do our best for the communities we serve. Creating access to medical marijuana products is what drives us, and part of what strengthens that accessibility is making it blazingly easy to order the products you need. Bloc has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to improve our ordering process both in-store and online. We've evolved our Bloc dispensaries to provide more shopping options so you can buy medical marijuana in a way that is most comfortable and convenient for you! When you come to Bloc, you will find that we offer three simple ways to shop for medical marijuana.


Order Ahead Online

Placing orders through our website is a breeze! We carry a large inventory, which is great for fulfilling our customers' needs, however, sometimes one can easily get lost browsing through countless products. Like going to a restaurant where the menu is extensive, you may begin to gloss over everything and miss out on the exact product you need.

Fortunately, we offer the best of both worlds by stocking a wide variety of goods with an online ordering platform that's easy to navigate. Our products are divided into several categories, where you can shop by brand, product type, item popularity, and more. And if you're not sure where to begin, you can always browse our staff picks to find goods that are backed by our knowledgeable team members. 

Once you've found everything you need, your purchase is just a few clicks away. After that, you can visit one of our dispensaries and pay with cash, or save time by taking advantage of our new, secure zero-touch payment option powered by LeafPay (coming soon). And for even faster pickup, we now have drive-thru windows at our Utah Bloc dispensaries.

In-Store Purchases

When you arrive at a Bloc [medical marijuana] dispensary, you can browse Bloc's robust selection of products through one of our easy-to-use, convenient self-service kiosks. These tablets are perfect for customers who know exactly what they are looking for and don't have time to speak with a staff member. Your order is fulfilled as soon as it's placed, and you can even track order pickups you placed online via email/text notifications. 

If you have any trouble or need assistance while purchasing products in-store, our staff is always ready to assist.

Order Through Our Patient Care Advocates

It can be murky browsing through medical marijuana products without any experience. Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Each case is unique, which is where expertise can lead you on the right path. If you're new to medical marijuana and not sure where to begin, you can consult with a Patient Care Advocate(PCA) and have them place an order for you, ensuring you get the product that will most suit your needs.

Whether it's in-store or over the phone, our PCAs are more than happy to answer any question you may have. They aren't just customer support specialists — they're experts on medical marijuana products who love educating and sharing their knowledge. They are committed to offering each shopper a personalized experience to ensure everyone who leaves our store gets exactly what is right for them. At the end of the day, the customer is in control, and our staff members are available to provide their most thoughtful and compassionate guidance.

We're Here to Guide You

The Bloc community doesn't simply see customers or patients. It sees friends. We value every interaction we have with those who pass through our dispensary doors. When you come to us for medical marijuana needs, we become part of your story. Your wellness is our mission, and that mission has no end. 

It's the impact we have on people's lives that makes all of us at Bloc eager to get up in the morning and start our days. We are excited to give our customers options so they can feel most comfortable during their shopping experience.