This is how we roll.

Our mission is to help people feel better.

Our Bloc Standard is how we make this mission a reality. Our standard guides our every move and the decisions we make each and every day.

01. We’re for inclusivity.

We’re building a culture of joyful inclusiveness, because two minds are better than one, and more than that, two perspectives are better than one. We respect, value and celebrate lives from every background, and we thrive as a result.

02. We’re for listening.

We’re relentless in our pursuit to be the best place to experience cannabis and know the only way to do that is to place our customers at the heart of every decision. We open up a two-way conversation to hear exactly what you want from us.

03. We’re for caring.

It’s simple really, we care about the earth and the people who inhabit it. Success for us, is being able to say that we’re proud of what we achieved and how we went about achieving it.

04. We’re for community.

Community is the heartbeat of our business. Providing genuine, heartfelt support and an opportunity for real connection is our superpower. It’s our mission to be your ultimate comrade in cannabis.

Sure, it starts with curating the perfect range of cannabis products, but our mission goes well beyond that. It’s really about individuals finding their way to feeling good, together.

05. We’re for adventure.

We’re not bound by convention and believe in trying new things, pushing the boundaries and avoiding the ordinary to score the extraordinary. Our success — and much of the fun — lies in developing new ways of doing things.

06. We’re for being remarkable.

We believe in order to achieve excellence, attention to detail, quality and integrity is paramount to every step of our process. We live on the edge of innovation, constantly striving to be better today than we were yesterday.

‘How can we make feeling good easy, effective, accessible and fun, for as many people as possible?’

That’s what we ask ourselves each day.