Bloc Customer Care: The key to finding the best cannabis products

21 April, 2021
Bloc Customer Care: The key to finding the best cannabis products

We’re so grateful for the positive reviews and the customer satisfaction of so many customers who trust Bloc dispensary to feel better, enhance their mood, reduce pain, get better sleep and more.

But if you’re just getting started with cannabis, or looking for something new, you might have a lot of questions before you try our products. Our customer support team is available for consultation and happy to help you find the best cannabis product for you. Our staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. And we believe it is our responsibility to share our expertise, educate our customers, and help you in your pursuit to relax and feel better. 

Of course we’re always here to help, but customer support for us goes beyond the typical customer service. We care committed to providing Customer care.

What’s the difference?

Customer service meets the immediate needs of the customer. Customer care is being a service-based company for the long term – before and after the sale. It’s being there through the years, maintaining a strong relationship with our customers.

It may seem like semantics, but there’s a big difference between customer service and customer care.

Customer service is typically the one-time assistance a company gives you at the time of purchase or after the purchase if there’s a problem. The customer service agent will follow a procedure or guideline to help you through the transaction.

Customer care is a longer-term approach to taking care of a customer. Our customer care goes beyond a one-time service experience to make an emotional connection through a string of interactions. It’s being there every time you go to the website or come into the store to explore whatever you want or need to explore. It’s taking the time to share in-depth knowledge of the best cannabis products, their different uses and unique benefits. It’s the type of customer support aimed at giving you the best products, price, selection and experience.

At Bloc dispensary we’re in pursuit of being the best place to experience cannabis and we know the only way to do that is to place our customers at the heart of every decision. We start with being available and listening. We open up a two-way conversation to hear exactly what you want from us. This is to ensure that every customer feels cared for and valued.

Customer care is wrapped into our culture of being customer centered. It starts with curating a range of high-quality products, but it goes well beyond that. It’s about individuals finding their way to feeling good. We always start with one question in mind, how can we enhance the lives of our customer, taking their experience from ordinary to extraordinary? 

Customer care drives our approach to supportive management where policy and procedure encourage responsiveness to customers’ needs and finding methods to support your journey to feeling better, enhancing your mood, reducing pain or simply relaxing and sleeping better. 

Customer care is in our commitment to never compromise on quality. We believe in order to achieve excellence, attention to detail, quality and integrity are paramount to every step of our process. We are on a relentless pursuit to be better today than we were yesterday. Success for us is being able to say that we’re proud of what we achieved and how we went about achieving it.

Customer care is the kind of service you want to shout from the rooftops because it’s made your experience easier and more enjoyable. 

  • It’s the associate who took the time to listen to you and stayed with you until you found the best cannabis product for you. 
  • It’s the staff member who, when you were just getting started with cannabis, shared their knowledge of strains, consumption methods and benefits. 
  • It’s the representative who answered your call and walked you through the ordering process step-by-step. 
  • It’s the manager who took ownership and quickly remedied your problem with understanding and kindness. 

Customer care is taking the extra step to make you feel valued and appreciated. As our customer, we know you are part of our success. You matter to us so we strive to make sure you know that.

We aim to create the very best experience for our customers.

We aim to satisfy every customer to the best of our ability

We aim to keep you in blazingly good spirits.