Bloc’s Step-by-Step Guide to Rolling Up: Part 2: How to Roll a Blunt

29 March, 2021
Bloc’s Step-by-Step Guide to Rolling Up: Part 2: How to Roll a Blunt

Now that you’ve learned how to roll a joint in part one of this series, we’re now going to take it a step further and teach you how to roll a blunt. As explained earlier, a blunt is a larger, thicker cannabis smoke stick, usually rolled with tobacco paper or inside a hollowed-out cigar. You can spot these in the wild, as blunts are thicker and brown, whereas joints are thin and rolled in white paper.

What You’ll Need: 

  •  1 to 2 grams of quality cannabis flower, such as Crops brand 

  • A cigar, blunt wrap, or cigarillo (Dutch Masters, Swisher Sweets, etc) 

  • Cannabis grinder 

  • Rolling tray 


The first 2 steps in this process are very similar to those in Part 1: How to Roll a Joint, so we’ll include those here. 


First thing’s first, set up your rolling tray. This could be something simple from around the house like a frisbee or a plate; or grab a custom rolling tray from your local headshop if you want to get fancy with it. The purpose of the tray is to stage the blunt rolling ritual so that you don’t spill cannabis biproduct everywhere.


You’ll then need to take those beautiful green Crops buds and grind them into shake, which is a term for pieces of ground up cannabis flower. This can be done by hand, but we don’t recommend it because it can be a very sticky, messy process. Invest in a cannabis grinder, which is a small, handheld tool that will help break the flower up for you. On Amazon, these range in price from $29.99, such as the 9to5 Grinder, while more designer brands like the popular Santa Cruz Shredder are priced as high as $84.99. Once you have your grinder in hand, insert the flower and break it down to a smooth ground. Dispose of any leftover stems and seeds if you spot them.


Now it’s time to ready your blunt. If you are using a cigar or a cigarillo, you’ll first need to open it up and empty out the tobacco (unless you’re into that sort of thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that...). Many of the popular cigarillo brands also offer empty blunt wraps right off the shelf, which will allow you to skip the step of emptying out the tobacco.


You’ll next need to dampen the blunt wrapper, which will help simplify the rolling process that will come later and allows you to patch up any rips from the tobacco removal process. The old-world way was done with saliva, but in a COVID-19 world you might want to use some bottled or tap water.


Load it up. Take that beautiful, aromatic, ground Crops flower and insert it into your blunt wrap or cigar. We recommend one to two grams, but depending on the size of your blunt, you may be able to fit up to an eighth or more. 
“What I do – and a lot of people don’t do, to prevent the weed from falling out – is fold the tip,” says rapper Lil Baby in the 2018 video “How to Roll a Backwoods with Lil Baby”, introducing a technique in which he folds the corners of the blunt wrap before he rolls it. “That way, none of it falls out on the backend.”


And now, the ceremonial rolling process. Evenly pack the cannabis, shaping it into a perfect cylinder and roll the paper up. Dampen the interior of the paper before you tuck it under to complete the roll. This will help seal the deal.


You’ll soon use your lighter to spark the blunt, but first that lighter will assist in finalizing the blunt construction process. Run your lighter under the blunt while slowly turning it, which will “bake” the blunt. Make sure that the lighter flame does not touch the blunt, as you are just trying to cook it, not actually spark it up for consumption (yet).


Once you are finished, you can finally light the blunt and inhale the goodness!