7 Activities That Are Perfect for Post-cannabis Consumption

13 September, 2022
7 Activities That Are Perfect for Post-cannabis Consumption

Cannabis consumption is a joyous activity on its own. But one of the best things about this plant — and one of the things we love most about it — is that it can enhance all other activities in such a powerful way. When you smoke a preroll, do you veg out on the couch? Or are you eager to get stuff done? Maybe you just want to have fun with friends. Whatever you desire most, there's a strain that can help.

But perhaps you're a relatively new cannabis consumer and you'd like to find some things to do that are perfect for after you get your plant on. If you're looking for a few enjoyable activities to try after consuming cannabis, stick around for some of our favorites!


Take a Bath

What is the perfect activity for relaxing and unwinding? Why, taking a bath of course. And because many cannabis strains are known to relax, your time spent in the tub can only be all the more luxurious. Just thinking about it makes us want to ease into the water right now. But no, we have more activities to discuss, so we're staying here until this list is finished!

Fix yourself a nice bubble bath, cut the lights, burn a few candles, and let all your troubles melt away. And if you happen to have a jacuzzi at home, try giving that a whirl after partaking in some green goodness. Your mind, body, and soul will be incredibly grateful.


Practice Yoga

We love being active after consuming cannabis. And what better physical activity is there than practicing a little yoga? If you take in a strain that gives you a full-body effect, the stretches and deep breathing will be all the more wonderful. Who knows, perhaps you may even reach a little further than you did without cannabis. After all, many products can soften pain and loosen stiff muscles, which may leave you feeling more limber. Plus, yoga can be just as stimulating mentally as it is physically. Just think what kind of a fabulous mind-body connection you could achieve by mixing cannabis with yoga!


Check Out a Podcast

Listening to podcasts is easily one of the most versatile forms of entertainment. It's perfect for getting work done, driving, or even just relaxing, so why wouldn't it be a great activity for when you're vibing with cannabis? The options are endless; whether you're looking to keep your mind busy with philosophical discussions, learn a new topic, or enjoy a good laughing fit with something humorous, a podcast can deliver an experience for your brain.

While any old series will do, you might want to stick to the theme and check out a cannabis podcast. That's right, there are plenty of easy-listening options that focus on our favorite plant!


Visit a Theme Park

Have you ever been on a ride at Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags, or any other theme park and had the time of your life? You may have thought to yourself "It just doesn't get any better than this!" Well, we have news for you…

It does get better. Way better.

Cannabis is just the ticket you need to actually have the time of your life at a theme park. Not only will those thrills be amplified, but it can improve some of the less enjoyable aspects of parks. Not a fan of kids? They won't bother you while you're vibing with cannabis. Do crowds frustrate you? Cannabis can give you the social boost you need to make the most out of being around large groups of people. For the thrillseekers out there, every twist, turn, and drop feels much more significant. But be warned, if you do have a history of experiencing any sort of anxiety after consuming, look to another activity on this list. It's important to know what you can handle; if you often partake in stimulating social activities while feeling the effects of cannabis, this might be for you. If not, you may want to dip your toe in with lighter activities to see how they make you feel.


Take in Art

If you've ever stared at a work of art and had a difficult time appreciating the artistic vision, then perhaps you simply weren't in the right state of mind — the cannabis state of mind. Going to a museum or art exhibit can be extremely stimulating, and after consuming cannabis, you will be able to see so much more in a painting, sculpture, or any other piece you may encounter. And you don't have to be an art lover to get something out of this experience. In fact, if art isn't your thing, even better! Perhaps a little cannabis is just what you need to become an art connoisseur.

Don't feel like leaving the house? Too lethargic from that strain you smoked? It doesn't have to be an art gallery; you can always crack open an art book or browse pieces online. In fact, there are plenty of accounts on various social media platforms that curate the perfect visuals for that stimulating head buzz.

It can be a powerfully emotional experience — or a hilarious one. But whatever the case may be, you'll have a good time!



Maybe instead of looking at other people's art, you'd like to look at your own. If that's the case, light up and let your creative energies flow through your brush.

Sometimes we have creative blocks, and that's where cannabis can help. As you feel less inhibited and hung up on perfection, you will find immense joy in creating something truly wonderful. Plus, just think of how great it will be to translate those wild ideas in your head onto a canvas. And, depending on where you live, you may even be able to find a studio designated for members of the cannabis community. Doesn't an afternoon smoking and painting with friends sound delightful?


Enjoy Some Games

Who doesn't love a good game? This is the perfect group activity for all your cannabis-consuming pals. Whatever games you have lying around will do just fine. Grab some cards or set up a board game and go to town. And don't worry about the rules; you and your friends will have such a blast, it doesn't matter if you're doing it right.

Additionally, there are plenty of cannabis games you can try. For example, Beer Pong but with bud instead. Never Have I Ever works just as well when you substitute a drink with a puff. Then there's Hold Your Smoke, where participants in a circle are tasked with holding in cannabis smoke for as long as it takes for the preroll to make it back to them. And of course, Cards Against Humanity is just begging to be played after consuming cannabis.

Don't these game ideas all sound perfect? Best of all, when everyone has smoked a bowl or eaten some edibles, the competitive edge will melt away.

There you have it! These are some of our favorite things to do after enjoying our favorite plant. So why don't you try a few of these activities for yourself? There are plenty of options for group or solo consumption.