The 5 Best THC Strains

26 October, 2022
The 5 Best THC Strains

One thing we love about cannabis is that there's something for everyone. Are you looking for an experience that's energizing, uplifting, and euphoric? You'll want to try a THC strain. Interested in something that will mellow you out and offer healing benefits without affecting your state of mind? CBD may be the way to go. If the latter is what you're after, we've already covered our favorite CBD strains. Now it's time for us to take care of the party people who want to enjoy themselves. It's time for the best THC strains.


Sour Diesel

This cannabis strain got its name from its taste and smell, but if you can make it past the flavor and odor, you're in for a treat! A product of pure accident that was created by mixing Super Skunk and Chem Dawg, Sour Diesel is an incredibly popular sativa strain that gets to work quickly, offering you energy for outdoor activities and a sharpened focus for staying productive. It's known to be among the strongest of sativa strains, with powerful effects that won't overwhelm the consumer. Products will typically contain around 18% THC and may have as much as 1% CBD.


Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a sativa strain with roots in Mexico that's highly regarded in the community. It's so popular, in fact, that — as its name might suggest — it's somewhat rare in today's market. 

Many consider it to be the best of the best, and when cannabis legends like Cheech and Chong take a special liking to a strain, you know it's something worth trying. But what, exactly, makes it so great? Consumers find that it fills them with drive and a nice energizing buzz, making it perfect for enjoying mother nature or getting work done. Indulge in the morning, and you'll notice that it will keep you going throughout the day. And while it fills you with energy, it later settles into a nice full-body experience. Consumers eager for some THC can usually expect around 19% of the cannabinoid in Acapulco Gold, and around 0.7% CBD.


Green Crack

If you're looking for something that will stay with you all day, look no further than Green Crack. This uplifting sativa strain has a nice fruity flavor and is a great alternative to caffeine. It offers a stimulating experience perfect for staying active and working out. 

For those who love the effects of THC, Green Crack is the type of cannabis that results in the right kind of head buzz. It can also help lower stress and ward off fatigue. The THC in Green Crack averages around 17%, providing a nice hit without overwhelming the consumer. CBD content in this strain will range from 0.5% to 1%.


Super Silver Haze

A child of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze, Super Silver Haze offers a cerebral experience that lasts. For those who are sensitive to spicy flavors, be warned: it has a bit of a peppery kick.

This sativa strain can stimulate your creativity and motivate you to engage in artistic activities. But it can also drive you to take care of items on your to-do list. Because of how energizing it is, this strain is ideal for morning consumption.

Super Silver Haze isn't just for recreation though; it's also used for medical purposes. Those who suffer from pain or appetite loss will find this strain to be quite effective. Best of all, it makes you feel oh so good! However, it can be a bit overstimulating if you don't have a lot to do, so be sure to channel that energy into something productive. You will typically find that this type of cannabis is packing close to 20% THC, which is about as high as we'd recommend going for most consumers. CBD is on the lower end at 0.2% to 1%.


Durban Poison

Suffering from writer's block? Then it's possible that Durban Poison is just what you need. Named after its place of origin — Durban, South Africa — this sativa strain can inspire, sharpen your concentration, and give you the energy to explore nature. In fact, it's considered one of the greatest energy-boosters of any cannabis strain. Even so, too much will have the opposite effect, leaving you with heavy eyelids. What makes it so ideal for daytime consumption is that its energizing effects aren't intoxicating. It's also a preferred strain for making hash.

Durban Poison may be consumed by patients as well because it can boost appetite. If you are sensitive to THC, you might want to approach this one with caution, as it can contain as much as 25% of the cannabinoid. And CBD is minimal at 0.2% to 1%.

Try any one of these awesome strains and you'll see just how much you can accomplish with cannabis. You'll finish your to-do list in no time and have a blast while doing it!