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Coming soon! Justice Cannabis Co Makes Paying for Cannabis by Card Easy with LeafPay

21 April, 2021
Coming soon! Justice Cannabis Co Makes Paying for Cannabis by Card Easy with LeafPay

Justice Cannabis Co. is  testing LeafPay at one of its locations in Pennsylvania.  By the end of Summer 2021, Justice Cannabis Co. will  be offering safe, conventient card processing at all of its dispensary locations across the country. 

Since nearly all banks carry insurance for their depositors under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), participating in paying for cannabis could put a bank at risk for involvement in the purchase of a federally illegal substance - - no matter what state law permits. Most banks haven’t been willing to expose themselves to the financial and legal risks. 

Things are beginning to change when it comes to paying for cannabis by credit card. But while the details on cannabis credit card purchases are getting ironed out bank by bank, the good news is  - - you can pay by debit card at all of our dispensaries.

At Justice Cannabis Co. dispensaries, we offer a reliable cashless ATM solution through LeafPay by Leaf Logix. When it comes to paying for cannabis by card, LeafPay offers convenient, safe payment processing.

How It Works

At checkout, simply dip your card and enter your PIN number. Funds are debited from your bank account and deposited into the dispensary’s account. The cashless ATM transaction shows up on your bank statement as a cash withdrawal. It’s that easy.

How Payment is Processed

Through LeafPay’s integrated contactless payment solution you initiate an ACH (automated clearing house) payment. ACH is a network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers. It’s a way to move money between banks without using paper checks, wire transfers or credit card networks. 

ACH payments for cannabis through LeafPay are simple and secure. Instead of cash, the system produces a voucher (known as “scrip”) for the transaction amount in $5 increments. You then use the voucher to purchase cannabis products. When the purchase price is less than the voucher amount, change is paid to the customer in cash. 

A Safer Way to Shop

Not only are transactions paid through LeafPay quicker and easier - - they’re safer. The health and safety of our customers and employees is a high priority at this time. A zero-touch payment option allows us to provide more protection to everyone.   

No longer do you have to worry about having cash on you when you come to pick up your products at the dispensary either. And to make your experience even more convenient, order your products on-line before you visit. Read our blog Ordering Justice Cannabis Co.'s Best Medical Marijuana Products Has Never Been Easier to learn more about on-line ordering.

If you have any questions about LeafPay or about paying for cannabis products by card, please reach out to customer service anytime. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the dispensary.

For more information, visit Bloc Dispensary [Utah, Bloc Pharmacy]