Understanding Distillates: What They Are and Why They Should Be Consumed Using a Syringe

10 August, 2021
Understanding Distillates: What They Are and Why They Should Be Consumed Using a Syringe

As a new cannabis consumer, you are beginning to realize that there is a whole world of product options to fit the needs and preferences of any individual

In our exploration of what's out there, we've come to know more about syringes as a particularly useful distribution method. There are many products that can be consumed using syringes, and now we are going to explore two in particular: cannabinoid distillates and terpene distillates. 



A distillate is a type of oil that contains all of the good stuff from a cannabis plant without any of the unwanted elements. These products are known to be very potent and represent a pure form of whichever cannabinoid you desire — typically either THC or CBD. Naturally, taking the former will leave you feeling energized, while taking the latter will put you at ease. Because cannabinoid distillates usually have no scent or flavor, they can easily be added to other forms of cannabis, though they are just as effective when taken by themselves.

While distillates are a great method for consuming your preferred cannabinoid, they often do not contain terpenes. Because of this, if you choose to experiment with this type of product, you'll be missing out on the medicinal qualities present in some other forms of cannabis.

Luckily, you can also enjoy a kind of distillate that is made from pure terpene extractions. Using the same methods, the plant's terpenes are pulled into a separate oil so that the terpene distillates can be combined with cannabinoid distillates for a fuller cannabis experience. 


Why Use a Syringe?

There are a number of ways to enjoy distillates, however, we recommend syringes as an effective way to measure out precise doses. With the help of a syringe, you can apply an exact amount of distillates to your edibles, portion control the oil you place in a pre-roll, and disperse the perfect measurement for dabbing. 

With the ease of distribution afforded by syringes, distillates are a great way to experience the positive effects of cannabis. If you're eager to get started, talk to a dispensary expert to find out what product is right for you!


Prepare Distillate for Usage

It is recommended to slightly warm the product before usage. This will aide in ease of dosing. 

Method One: Hold the distillate syringe in your hand for a few minutes. 

Method Two:  Place the distillate syringe in bowl of warm water taking care that the capped applicator side is submerged and the plunger side stays dry. 

Method Three: Place the capped applicator side of the distillate syringe under wam, running water making sure the plunger side stays dry. 

Pro Tip: Stop pushing the plunger and pull it back before getting to the desired dosage because product will continue to dispense. 


Distillates have many uses

Easily infuse food and beverages


Dab it

DIY Capsules

Enhance topical creams and lotions

Add to flower

Can be digested as is 


Ways to consume Distillates orally

Squeeze out your dose into an empty capsule and ingest orally. 

Squeeze the oil onto a small piece of food and consume. 

Squeeze distillate drop under your tongue. 


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