7 Benefits of Cannabis Consumption You Didn’t Know About

13 September, 2022
7 Benefits of Cannabis Consumption You Didn’t Know About

Consuming cannabis is our favorite pastime. It gives us the chance to relax after a long day at work. It helps prepare us for social gatherings when we're feeling anxious. It helps lift us up when we're feeling down. Naturally, everything is more fun after we partake in a cannabis product. But there's so much more to this plant than simply enhancing social and recreational activities.

Cannabis research offers compelling evidence that this fabulous plant can be used in more ways medically than we can fit in a single blog. You've already heard some of the more common reasons patients turn to this green gift. Now, we're going to dive a little deeper and show you some of the more surprising benefits of cannabis consumption.


Helps Regulate Metabolism and Manage Weight

Those who are looking to manage their weight might be hesitant to try cannabis because of the munchies, however, one surprising benefit is that it may actually help keep off the pounds. On one hand, you have CBD, which is known to quell the urge to eat, so depending on the strain, you may not even experience the munchies. Then there's THC. Yes, this cannabinoid might give you cheesecake cravings stronger than those of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia combined, but studies have shown that it can slow weight gain. Research also suggests that a type of THC known as THCV can make you less vulnerable to obesity than someone who does not consume cannabis — partly because it can increase insulin sensitivity. On average, the body mass index of someone who enjoys this plant is lower than a non-consumer.


Supports Healthy Lungs

Another surprise! While smoking in general can be harmful to your lungs, cannabis itself is believed to help with overall respiratory health. Edibles and tinctures are great alternatives for those concerned about the effects of smoking, and these intake methods can help you breathe easier in more ways than one. Cannabis is thought to help with asthma, as it can dilate bronchioles found in your lungs. People suffering from asthma are also prone to inflammation, which can be soothed by cannabis consumption as well.

It's not just asthma patients who stand to benefit; research suggests that cannabis can improve your breathing and expand your lung capacity. As far as the latter though, it's important to note that researchers are inclined to credit this phenomenon to the way cannabis smokers inhale. Regardless, the same study saw the opposite effect in those who smoked tobacco, so it seems logical to assume one method of smoking is better for your lungs than the other.

Lastly, cannabis has also been examined for its potential to fight emphysema and lung cancer, and the results have been promising!


Reduces Side Effects of STD Treatments

It can be incredibly challenging living with an STD, but cannabis could offer some relief from the side effects caused by treatment. This is especially helpful for individuals suffering from hepatitis C. Treatment for this disease is known to be particularly grueling, and the side effects can be so intense that patients are often forced to stop as a result.

In 2006, a study was published highlighting how well cannabis can mitigate those side effects. An overwhelming majority of participants were able to finish their treatment with the help of this plant. Not only did it appear to diminish the severity of side effects, but it also appeared to boost treatment results in more than half of the patients involved. And it's not just helpful for those with hepatitis C.

The medical community has been embracing cannabis as a tool to help HIV/AIDs patients since the '80s. The plant is known to calm adverse reactions from medications used to treat this disease too, and it's because of this that California was able to pass legislation in 1996 that legalized the use of medical cannabis.


Keeps Your Brain Healthy

There are a number of ways cannabis promotes a healthy brain. For starters, there's evidence suggesting it could prevent Alzheimer's from progressing. It may even be able to keep the disease from developing altogether. What scientists have found is that THC can combat amyloid plaques, which are known to attack brain cells. Such an attack could possibly develop into Alzheimer's disease.

Studies have found that cannabis appears to protect the brain in other ways as well. It may be able to minimize the impact of a stroke and could assist with recovery from concussions and other head injuries. In general, THC and CBD are seen as useful in promoting overall brain health.


Helps Clear Up Your Skin

If it's healthier skin you're after, you can easily find a cannabis product for that. CBD's ability to soothe inflammation can do wonders for the skin. It's also an antioxidant, which shields skin from harmful free radicals known to cause premature aging and lead to the development of cancer. Not only is CBD an antioxidant, but it's been scientifically proven to be superior to vitamins E and C in that regard. Additionally, there's compelling evidence that this cannabinoid can slow oil production, which could offer consumers relief from acne.

As a topical, cannabis is commonly used for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and even skin cancer. It should be noted that smoking as an intake method can stress your skin cells in a way that's similar to smoking tobacco. So if you are worried about the condition of your skin, you may want to avoid smoking and instead turn to creams or topicals.


Promotes Sweet Dreams

Many people know by now that cannabis can help with sleep. Those who endure restless night after restless night may turn to this plant for a peaceful slumber. But you probably didn't know it can chase those nightmares away too. 

THC and CBD work together to influence your REM cycles in a way that encourages sweet dreams and, at the very least, helps you forget the bad ones. The cannabinoids are believed to inhibit late REM cycles, which are when nightmares begin. For anyone suffering from PTSD, this could be a huge relief.


Mends Broken Bones Faster

You recently broke a bone? Well then, just another excuse to break into your stash. As it turns out, CBD is thought to help you recover from a fracture much faster. The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research conducted a study in which researchers observed that rats with broken bones were able to recover at a significantly faster rate when cannabis was introduced. Perhaps you may see similar results!

Cannabis never ceases to surprise us, which is why we felt it's important to share a few of these unexpected benefits. Next time any of these issues come up, you may want to visit your local dispensary for a strain that can give you what you need. And who knows? You may discover even more hidden benefits of cannabis!