5 Underrated Heavy THC Strains

13 September, 2022
5 Underrated Heavy THC Strains

For you, cannabis is all about feeling energized and active. You love the boost you get from THC. Whether you're looking to hone in on a project, amplify your time with friends, or overcome that writer's block, cannabis is a tried-and-true tool to help you through life's everyday obstacles. You've tried the best THC strains, but the classics are beginning to feel a little stale. And maybe the effects aren't as potent as they once were. If you want to try something new, something a little stronger, then you've arrived just in time; we're ready to present some underrated heavy THC strains.


Berry White

This strain is bound to have you singing in a deep baritone when it kicks in. Typically packing roughly 22% THC, Berry White can get you going with just a small puff. And while it does offer some heavy effects, they won't necessarily overwhelm less-experienced consumers. This cannabis strain will cause surges of joy and can also ease pain and calm those stressful thoughts. In large doses, you'll have a full-body effect, making it perfect for staying in. Best of all, any side effects that may result from high amounts of THC are known to be rather mild in Berry White, so it's great for consumers of all experience levels.


LA Confidential 

THC lovers are in for a treat when consuming LA Confidential. Containing up to 25% THC, this powerful strain is versatile with many benefits to cannabis patients. Not only can it reduce pain, lower stress, and help you doze off, but it is useful for those suffering from depression and anxiety. LA Confidential is best enjoyed at night, as it relaxes you both mentally and physically. 


Blue Agave

This hybrid comes from Orange Acai 7 and The Menthol. Blue Agave can be enjoyed early in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. It's rich in trichomes and offers an enjoyable taste that's akin to orange-flavored gum. This strain is bringing almost 21% THC to the table, so you can expect the energy and focus you need to engage in creative activities. Consumers will experience uplifting, joyful sensations while feeling clear-headed and ready to take on the day.


Grape MTN

Grape MTN is a useful strain for anyone looking to reduce pain. The offspring of MTN Trop and Grape Pie Wedding Crasher, this beautiful bud is purple in color with a pleasant trim and cure. But it's not just nice to look at — it will give you an enjoyable full-body experience with its 20% THC content. Not only that, but it smells just as good as it looks, with a nice, earthy aroma. While it is energizing and uplifting, it can also leave you calm and relaxed, making it a great strain for delivering exactly what you need.


Jurassic Kush 

Just because you can, does mean you should! A cross between Jurassic Haze and OG Kush, this indica-dominant strain is a good size and comes packed with those precious trichomes every cannabis consumer wants. It has a tantalizing fruity scent and an earthy flavor complemented by a touch of lemon zest. Anyone looking to get their THC fix can expect around 21% of the cannabinoid from Jurassic Kush. The result is a calm, happy feeling that leaves you both relaxed and energized. What's great about Jurassic Kush is that you will feel a fairly even effect in both your head and your body. And if you're looking for relief from anxiety, stress, or migraines, you simply can't go wrong with this strain!

We hope our THC fans have some exciting new strains to explore now that we've discussed a handful of our favorite unsung heroes. Next time you're out shopping, makes sure to give one of these fabulous strains a try!