5 Underrated Heavy CBD Strains

13 September, 2022
5 Underrated Heavy CBD Strains

Sometimes, nothing beats coming home after a stressful day at work and enjoying a nice, relaxing CBD-heavy strain. But you're a seasoned cannabis consumer who's tried all the hits, and now you'd like to experiment with something new. The question is, what are some good CBD strains you haven't tried before? It's hard to venture outside of your comfort zone when you don't know what's worth buying. Luckily, we've got some underrated heavy CBD strains we think you'll love!



If you are looking for something that can lift your spirits while helping you relax, Cannatonic is the way to go. With this strain, you get 10% CBD and 5% THC, which makes for a soothing 2:1 ratio. It comes with a quick, palatable head buzz that's just enough to put you in a good mood. But it's not just for fun; as it turns out, Cannatonic is quite desirable for medical purposes, offering migraine relief, pain relief, and many other therapeutic benefits.


 CBD Critical Mass

There's Critical Mass, and then there's CBD Critical Mass. This is an important distinction, as the former is loaded with THC. So if it's mellow you're after and you mix up these products, you'll be in for a rude awakening. But as long as your Critical Mass is preceded by "CBD," then you're in a good spot. This strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 3:2, meaning you can expect some of the typical soothing results associated with your favorite cannabinoid along with soft euphoric sensations. Some consumers consider it the ideal combination. Additionally, it is said to offer relief from insomnia and pain.


Aliens On Moonshine

The name alone should be enough to earn this strain a spot in your shopping cart, though we'd never recommend making a purchase without knowing what you'll be getting. This strain typically has anywhere from 4 to 5% THC and CBD levels of around 9 to 11%. With a tasty, fruity flavor, you're bound to enjoy consuming Aliens On Moonshine. It offers a nice, manageable buzz that won't overwhelm you. If you are a bit sensitive to the psychotropic sensations that result from THC intake but still want to enjoy a little bit of the cannabinoid's uplifting effects, this could be the strain for you — especially if you love the taste of mango or orange.



You don't have to be a fan of horror films to enjoy this strain, though if you love the Stephen King book and/or movies, then you'll appreciate it even more. What's great about Pennywise is that it offers consumers a nice balance of CBD and THC, providing equal amounts of both cannabinoids at around 8% each. What results is a nice mood boost and a clearer head. And while it may be higher in THC than what you might be looking for, the CBD softens the stimulating effects for a smooth ride. Pennywise can be a great strain for anyone suffering from PTSD, stress, or anxiety.



This is a strain that doesn't get the attention it deserves, but it's definitely worth checking out. Unlike the others on this list though, Dancehall isn't necessarily for a quiet evening at home. Packing around 15% CBD and anywhere from 1 to 9% THC, you're looking at a type of cannabis that suits both recreational needs and medical needs. It can give you the kickstart you need for socializing, yet it can also help with cramps, inflammation, emotional balance, chemotherapy treatment, and more. This long-lasting strain gets to work fast, so it's perfect for keeping up with your friends, but not soo much for winding down at night.

Don't these CBD strains sound exciting? Why don't you go ahead and try them out? Maybe you'll fall in love with some new products you've never had before